What kinds of moving services are available?

Moving the boxes are understandably what we are known for, but we also provide services to help the moving process even more. We offer a packing and unpacking service to all of our clients. But most customers don’t know what the process entails, and so we’ve decided to explain the process in our blog!

packing service

How the Packing Service Works

The Details – When we sit down with the client to discuss all the details of their order, we go through the ‘percentages of the move.’ All of our packings, moving, and unpacking services receive a ‘percentage’ before buying. So when you hire us for these jobs, you can decide only to have us do 50% of the move or 70% of the packing. For the sake of fully understanding the process, we will detail our “100% Package.”

Packing – While you and your family are enjoying your day and preparing, we will be packing all of your belongings up. These belongings will have a foundation of bubble wrap; then they will be cardboard up and covered with an adhesive like masking tape or in some cases duct tape depending on the box. This will make sure that none of the boxes move around too much, and none of the items in the boxes will move around too much.

Moving – Now that we’ve personally packed all of the boxes, we know exactly how to place them in the truck, which increases our speed of moving. With care and efficiency, we load all of the boxes into the truck, drive to the location and unload all of the boxes to the proper location. Thankfully, since we’ve marked all of the boxes with their designated areas and since you explained where the new rooms would be (or marked them with tape), we can place the boxes in the corresponding locations.

Unpacking – Now that we have personally packed up each room and moved them to the new locations we can unpack your boxes and place all of the materials in their new relative position. This means that when you walk into your new living room, it will have the revitalized feeling while also still looking for your old home. Or if you want to spruce things up, make special notes about where things should now be and watch as the movers recreate your home for your vision!

SouthWest Movers have been moving bicoastally for several years now and are still in love with the process. If you ever need the best moving service in the nation, give us a call today at (800) 562-1084!