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There are many San Jose movers out there, but which ones can you trust with moving all of your possessions from location to location? Southwest Movers is the moving company for you. You can rest assured that with our professional movers at Southwest Movers will not mistreat any of your personal belongings, and we will handle all of your items with care. Everything that is put in our hands is taken care of, guaranteed. Our customers are like our family members; we will do everything to make them happy. Before hiring any moving company for your move, make sure you get to know them. Give us a call and get to know us.

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Before you hire your San Jose movers, make a checklist of all of the things that you want to move. With a checklist like that, both your lives and our lives are made a lot easier because we will know exactly what we need to move. This checklist will allow the moving company in San Jose to also give you an accurate quote, so you do not eventually get blindsided. A moving company that refuses to give you an estimate over the phone is probably not a very professional company. This type of company will start working and then charge you additional fees when the job is complete. Beware of these companies and make sure you have a written quote.

Licensed and Insured Movers in San Jose

When hiring San Jose movers, it is crucial to make sure that the company is licensed and insured. Hiring a moving company that is not licensed and insured can end up costing you a lot of money. If that moving company accidentally damages something during the whole moving process, you will most likely not be compensated. Taking the moving company to court is futile because the legal expenses will exceed the damage that was done. Southwest Movers is a moving company that is licensed and insured, so you know that if anything happens to any of your possessions during the move, you will be covered.Movers in San Jose

Make Sure to do the following:
  • Make a moving checklist for the moving company so both you and they know what needs to be moved
  • Before bringing the moving company to your home, make sure that they give you an estimate over the phone
  • After that initial visit from the moving company, make sure that they give you a written quote
  • Most importantly, make sure that the moving company that you decide to hire is both licensed and insured to protect yourself
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When looking for movers in San Jose, you know that you can trust Southwest Movers. Our passion is the moving service, and we would love to do the honor of servicing you in your move. If you want a moving company with a reputation of professionalism, efficiency, and affordability, you do not need to look much further; Southwest Movers is the moving company for you. Call now!

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South West Movers is a family-owned and operated business that puts care and consideration into each and every move. Our founders are former members of the Armed Forces. After serving, we have been working in moving and storage all over the country. South West has been in business since 2009, and we specialize exclusively in long-distance, residential moving.

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