Here are the most sought-after cities in Florida to move hands over a house

  1. Key Biscayne- The weather, measured in terms of rain, sunny days and humidity, is statistically almost the best here, and the residents here earn far more than most residents in other areas of the state.

And when you have really low crime, life is good, at least those who can afford it.

  1. Palm Beach- It’s a beautiful place with really low crime, where a majority of residents are wealthy (a $115,050 median income will do that).

Plus, the residents are really involved with helping to make Palm Beach as great as possible. You can’t get it much better than in Palm Beach.

  1. North Palm Beach- North Palm Beach ranks 4th on our list of best places to live in Florida thanks to its low unemployment and high adjusted median income.

Additionally, its crime rate ranks in the lowest 10% of all places in Florida that we examined.

People have been flocking to North Palm Beach over the past years. Goes to show that everyone wants in on this great community.

  1. Naples- The median home value is the 4th highest in Florida.

Additionally, the unemployment rate is the 24th lowest in the state and the crime rates are some of the lowest in Sunshine State.

  1. Coral Gables- Coral Gables has been called one of the best towns in America. If you live here, you’re most likely already aware of how great it is to live there.

Group of delivery workersJust about everyone who wants a job in Coral Gables has one; the unemployment rate is hovering at about 3.9% and lowering.

Crime is also the 83rd lowest in the state.

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