How to Prepare for the Moving Company

Time is everything when you are moving from state to state. So when you are dealing with a moving company, the best thing you can do is to prepare as much as possible to make loading up the truck as easy as possible. Whether it’s California to Nevada or California to New York, there will always be problems.

Pre-Package your Belongings

prepare for long distance moving Prepackaging your belongings is vital for a quick load time when the movers are at your house. The more time they spend at your house, the fewer hours of daylight they have to move while on the road.

Pack them – Pack your objects into two rubrics. You don’t want the boxes to exceed 50 pounds; you do want all the items to be packed tightly so try and buy bubbles wrap, newspaper,s, etc.

Tag Them – The easiest way to manage your objects for when you move in is to tag them. Make sure they are all properly tagged and coded with their corresponding rooms.

Organize the Belongings for Accessibility

Prepackaging doesn’t mean anything if the movers cannot efficiently move the boxes onto the cars promptly.

long distance moversLike Tagged Objects – The tagged items should be organized together, this will not only make it easier for the moving companies to decide where exactly everything belongs but it will make it easier for loading the truck up as well.

Big stuff on the Side – Equally accessible and to the side. Anything large like furniture and couches should be easy for the moving company to decide how the truck will be packed. By isolating the objects, it becomes much easier for the moving company to decide precisely where it shall go on the truck.

Completely Remove Belongings – Any objects of possible value should be removed and put to the side and if possible brought with you in a separate vehicle. This reduces the risk and cost of insurance in the long run.

SouthWest Movers

At Southwest Movers we love helping people move. If you are younger and not attached to an area, we highly recommend moving somewhere crazy and getting to know people somewhere new. But if you are looking at staying close to family or jobs, it doesn’t hurt to find smaller communities and increasing your commute. IF you have any questions at all, give us a call!